Got Dirty Ducts?

Air Duct Cleaning in North Tonawanda, NY

Dirty Duct

Will provide highly qualified professionals to inspect & service your furnace needs!

Our inspections includes: The HVAC unit, blower motor, AC coil and components, as well as the dehumidifier, each air duct, return, and main line. We thoroughly inspect every part of your ventilation system with our video equipment.


Not having your air ducts cleaned can be costly!

The dirt and dust build up over the years will cause your furnace to work double time to circulate the air in your home. This can raise your monthly bills because it will have to run much longer to properly heat and cool your home. The excessive dirt, dust and other contaminants will strain the blower motor causing the furnace to work much harder and ultimately decrease the life span of your furnace.
We also clean dryer vents! This is important and should regularly be done to save energy and money but most importantly, to prevent a dryer fire in the home and protect the things that you value most.

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