“The technicians explained everything they were going to do, were thorough, and answered any questions I had. I have been in my house for 11 years and never had the ducts cleaned. I have absolutely noticed the difference – less dust, less sneezing. Why did I wait so long?!”
– Susan Tanner


“Great customer service. I used them for my house and two rental properties. I never would have thought how much dirt could be in my vents. Thank you guys!”
– Keith Marshall

* * * 

“I had my ducts cleaned for the first time since buying the house. They were gross, I mean really, really gross! If you need some spring cleaning to get all the winter germs out of your home air, check out Pure Air Care! I couldn’t believe the garbage coming out of my vents! He took the time to explain everything and show me exactly what was down there. It wasn’t pretty, believe me!”
– Liz Snyder


“Very professional and explained the work that was done. ”
РBrian Olejniczak 


“You did a great job! House smells 200% better and there is far less dust and debris in the air. Thanks for your professional, courteous job! If anyone needs these services – call Pure AirCare!”
– Shawn David Law


“My old school friend was here today and spent some time (almost 6 hours) cleaning, sanitizing and purifying my vents.
Job well done and happy we did it.”
– Amber Marie


“Thank you for taking the time to do a GREAT job! We’ve already noticed that he isn’t scratching already! Fingers crossed! He thanks you too!”
Eric Mullins (Pet has bad allergies)


More to come – stay tuned!