“Our experience was outstanding. From the first time we spoke with Aaron on the phone when he answered all of our questions up through their work when Aaron, John, and Jerry came and did our cleaning; everything was first rate!
If you’re thinking about air duct cleaning, it would be a mistake to overlook this team. My wife and I are both breathing better. I figured that the amount of money I’m going to save on sinus medication, Pure AirCare’s service almost pays for itself!”
– Paul Smith

“The technicians explained everything they were going to do, were thorough, and answered any questions I had. I have been in my house for 11 years and never had the ducts cleaned. I have absolutely noticed the difference – less dust, less sneezing. Why did I wait so long?!”
– Susan Tanner


“Great customer service. I used them for my house and two rental properties. I never would have thought how much dirt could be in my vents. Thank you guys!”
– Keith Marshall

* * * 

“I had my ducts cleaned for the first time since buying the house. They were gross, I mean really, really gross! If you need some spring cleaning to get all the winter germs out of your home air, check out Pure Air Care! I couldn’t believe the garbage coming out of my vents! He took the time to explain everything and show me exactly what was down there. It wasn’t pretty, believe me!”
– Liz Snyder


“Very professional and explained the work that was done. ”
РBrian Olejniczak 


“You did a great job! House smells 200% better and there is far less dust and debris in the air. Thanks for your professional, courteous job! If anyone needs these services – call Pure AirCare!”
– Shawn David Law


“My old school friend was here today and spent some time (almost 6 hours) cleaning, sanitizing and purifying my vents.
Job well done and happy we did it.”
– Amber Marie


“Thank you for taking the time to do a GREAT job! We’ve already noticed that he isn’t scratching already! Fingers crossed! He thanks you too!”
Eric Mullins (Pet has bad allergies)


More to come – stay tuned!