Pure AirCare is dedicated to educating Western New York business owners and residents about the importance of maintaining clean air ducts. Keeping your HVAC system’s air ducts clean increases the efficiency of your HVAC system and lowers your power costs. Air duct cleaning, Dryer vent cleaning, and everything in between is no problem for our team of air duct professionals.

To properly care for your air duct system, Pure AirCare is dedicated to educating our customers about air ducts. Having poorly maintained air ducts has numerous drawbacks, including increasing the amount of dust that accumulates in your home. It’s likely that your air ducts require cleaning if you feel like you’re continuously dusting, yet it’s making no difference. Dust mites and unclean air ducts go hand in hand, as you may have heard. Pure AirCare’s professionals are available to assist you in learning about dust mite prevention and keeping your home clear of debris.

What Are Dust Mites?

Dust mites are a common phobia among homeowners. Their allergens are produced by microscopic bugs that can live almost everywhere. To survive, dust mites must eat dead skin cells found in the air. Even though these obnoxious cockroaches are nasty, they are nonetheless a health hazard. Asthma attacks and other severe allergic reactions can be triggered by the allergens these plants generate. Dust mites are something no one wants to think about, but if you’re going to protect yourself and your family from them, you need to educate yourself on the topic.

How Can I Get Rid Of Dust Mites?

For the most part, dust mites can be found in any home. If you have dust mites in your home, there are simple steps you can do to get rid of them and keep them away in the future. Dust mites can be eliminated in your house in nine different methods.

  1. Have your air ducts cleaned professionally every 3 to 5 years!
    • A dust-free home, as reflected in clean air ducts, means fewer possibilities of contracting dust mites.
  2. Use fabric covers on your bed that have been shown to resist dust mites.
    • Covering your bed dramatically reduces the likelihood of your allergies being aggravated as you sleep or when you make the bed.
  3. Wash your bedding in hot water at least once every week to help keep it fresh.
  4. Avoid using down pillows and comforters if at all possible.
    • Because down produces dust more quickly than other bedding fabrics, you’re more likely to contract dust mites if you sleep with it.
  5. Throw rugs should be washed in hot water at least once a week if you have any.
  6.  Make sure you vacuum weekly.
    • Iffeasible, use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to keep dust contained within the vacuum cleaner.
  7. Use hot water to wash plush animals frequently with your children.
  8. Use a damp rag to wipe down surfaces instead of a dry one while dusting.
    • A dry cloth can be used to dust, which disperses dust mites throughout the air and onto other objects in the home.
  9. Reduce humidity to 50% or less.
    • Low humidity settings are uninhabitable for dust mites.

Get Rid Of Dust Mites With Pure AirCare

Dust mites are likely in your home if you’ve observed your house is dusty despite your regular dusting or if you’ve had your air ducts cleaned professionally recently. Pure AirCare can help and is only a phone call away! Our outstanding air duct cleaning services will significantly reduce the amount of dust in your home, and dust-free home is a dust mite-free home. Call Pure AirCare immediately if you’re ready to have peace of mind about the cleanliness of your house!